Singapore Lottery

SINGAPORE – As the COVID-19 restrictions eased, Singapore gamblers set new records for the amount they spent on lotteries and sports betting this past financial year. The Tote Board reported that in the year that ended March 2023, punters wagered a total of $10.3 billion on these products. That’s a 43% increase from the previous year and the highest total in the last four years.

The company responsible for the Singapore lottery is Singapore Pools, which operates the country’s popular Toto and Singapore Sweep games. The game offers cash prizes of up to a million dollars.

To participate in the lottery, players must present a ticket that has the correct winning numbers in the designated area on the front of the ticket. The company’s computer system will recognise the specific numbers printed on the Ticket and award a prize to those who match them.

Any Prize monies attributable to a winning Unpaid Bet shall be channelled by the Company to good causes through the Singapore Totaliser Board. The Company reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any person claiming a Prize.

Companies that organize lucky draws in Singapore must comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. They must obtain a certificate of compliance from the independent scrutineer and publish the results within the prescribed period and in the approved form. They must also keep participants’ personal information secure from unauthorized access, disclosure or use, whether in hardcopy or electronic form.