Singapore Lottery

singapore lottery

The Singapore Lottery is a government-run lottery that awards millions of dollars every year. Players can participate by entering names and numbers, and winning numbers are drawn on a weekly basis. For maximum chances of winning, it is best to play the lottery regularly. You can do so either online or with a mobile application.

The Singapore Toto game is the most popular lottery game, with a jackpot prize of up to $2 million. Players choose six numbers from one to seven, as well as one “additional” number from one to 49. To play the game, you must purchase a ticket for $1. Each draw is held on Monday and Thursday and results are published at 6.30 pm. To play, you must be a resident of Singapore.

The cheapest lottery ticket costs $1 GST included. If you want to win big, you must match at least three of the winning numbers. If all six of your numbers match, you’ll win the jackpot prize. The prices go up as you match more numbers. When buying tickets for the lottery, it is best to purchase them in advance.

If you win a prize of more than S$5,000, you must claim it at an accredited lottery ticket sales company. The Singapore Lottery distributes 54% of its revenue to worthy causes.