How to Win the Hong Kong Lottery

hongkong lottery

To win the Hong Kong lottery, you must match at least six numbers. Generally, players will match five of six numbers, but there are exceptions. One number will only hit 56 percent of the time, and there is a quick pick option that allows a random number generator to choose the numbers for you. The minimum ticket cost is HK $10, but you can purchase a ticket for as little as HK $5 to play the Partial Unit Investment (PUI) option. However, PUI tickets will have 50% of their winnings deducted.

While the Hong Kong lottery is only available in Hong Kong, some players play it illegally in mainland China and other countries. Because the Hong Kong lottery is so popular, it’s broadcast live on TV, which ensures there is no possibility of manipulation. Other lotteries in mainland China don’t broadcast their draws live and have been the subject of scandals. Regardless of the risks, HK lottery tickets are worth the money.

The Hong Kong lottery draws are broadcast live on a free-to-air television station. Typically, the HKJC invites at least two people with high social standing to supervise the draws. Some of these outsiders are Justices of the Peace. In recent years, the HKJC began inviting representatives of lottery fund beneficiaries as supervisors. This practice has improved the quality of the lottery and the odds of winning. The unclaimed prize fund can reach HKD$100 million, but it will never hit the jackpot.