Singapore Lottery System Aurora to Be Used by Singapore Pools

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The IGT subsidiary will provide the Singapore lottery system Aurora as part of a six-year contract with Singapore Pools. This solution is designed to facilitate lottery innovation and profitability, and offer the reliability and scalability required for high volume transactions. The platform includes the Aurora Navigator, which is a single-point of management for all lottery applications. The Data Connector platform enables fast data integration from external applications. Aurora Anywhere will provide a secure gateway for lottery software, enabling it to interact with external systems and provide a more diversified experience for players.

Local punters often try to find inspiration for 4D numbers. While many of these are not incredibly popular, they have been cited by a variety of sources. For example, the date of birth and death of the late king Getai, the licence plate numbers of traffic accidents, and even funeral wakes are common sources of lucky numbers. Some punters even pray for these lucky numbers at temples and natural formations, and note down the registration numbers of motorcyclists for their 4D bets.

In addition to donating money to charities, SG Pools’ operations are committed to promoting sports and physical activity in Singapore. In fact, SG Pools distributes lottery monies to several national sports associations, including the Singapore Sports Council. For example, SG Pools is a major sponsor of the Singapore National Sports Association. Its a new generation of Singapore’s gaming industry. The new regulator will be able to respond to global trends and the emergence of new gaming products.